Thursday, February 14, 2013

No Time To Think

Day 1 in Poland:

Before heading out to Poland, our landlord offers to pick Chris up from the airport and take him into the city center where our new apartment awaits. Some might read that and say, a country you have never been, don't speak the language and a potential stranger is offering you a ride to a place you have no idea where it is - please leave as much contact information as possible (just encase). But as luck would have it, he is just a really nice guy and the apartment was as advertised. A true act of kindness.

The only hiccup was since we weren't renting by the week or month but by the year - the rental agency passed Chris off to the owner of the apartment - who doesn't speak any English. So after an all night flight, he now gets to figure out how to sign a Polish lease with someone who knows no English.

Day 2:

After getting everything squared away with the apartment - Chris' second day (but really 1.5 days) in Wroclaw, he has to go for the mandatory physical in order to start work the next day. Not even on the ground for less than 24 hours, he has to figure out how to find this place. Nothing like a warm welcome with a visit to a foreign doctors office.

After the doctors appointment - he had to figure out phone and internet. No time to think.

Day 3:

Chris started at his new job. I'd say someone was ready for the weekend.

PS Should mention - February in Poland is the middle of winter. And we come from the beach where snow isn't really snow by Polish standards.

Snowing in Rynek Chris' 1st weekend here

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