Thursday, December 12, 2013

We Wish You A Merry Christmas From Wroclaw

There is no better time of year.  Christmas Time - It's my favorite season. There is nothing I love more than the warmth and love the holidays bring to families all around the world. This year, Chris and I are headed back to the States to be with our family and friends but first, we took in all the sights and entertainment of Wroclaw's Christmas Market.

Stop in for some mulled wine - warms you right up
Santa - looks like you have a dready beard
Now that's an elf on a shelf
 The Many Food Vendors Around the Square:

Wroclaw's 2013 Christmas Mugs - you put down a 10zl deposit with your drink - if you return the mug, you get your money back, if not - you keep the mug - I kept my mug!
The Streets Around the City are Lined with Lights:

Christmas markets line the streets of cities all around Europe. If you have not been able to experience one yet - maybe ask Santa for a trip next year. It's a great way to celebrate the Christmas season and pick up gifts for family and friends! Click here for Wiki's history of the Christmas Markets.

Travelers Tip: Most cities begin setting up their Christmas markets at the end of November. So if you don't want to be away from home for the holidays, look to book your trip earlier - you get the best of both worlds.

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