Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from Poland

Living abroad - it is nice to still celebrate American holidays and traditions. Thanks to our amazing friends here in Poland, we pulled off a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. So much to be thankful for.  

Thanksgiving Dinner: (the best part is finding all the right ingredients to make traditional dishes)

- Turkey - not so easy to find an entire turkey but Linda managed!
- Ham
- Stuffing - all the way from America via trip to Amsterdam's American store
- Brussel Sprouts
- Salad
- Mac 'n' cheese
- Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
- Sweet Potatoes
- Corn
- Chili
- Cranberry Sauce- or something that looked like cranberries :)
- Pumpkin Pie - pumpkin puree all the way from the USA (thanks Linda!)
- Fruit tarts from cute Polish bakery
- Lots of wine
- Served up with lots of great stories and laughs 

Special Thanks to Jackie & Tyler for hosting us in your beautiful home!

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