Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our Friends Are Having A Baby!

While Chris and I have been busy in Poland - two of our closest friends have been busy making babies! Well, 1 baby - a little girl! We couldn't be happier for Jay and Kim who are expecting their first child this spring so we went in with our friend Doran on a surprise baby shower get together for them. We are lucky to have such amazing friends to "shower" them with love and lots of memories.

In December, they didn't know the sex of Baby Waynick so we went with a yellow, grey gender neutral theme. Had to give it to the hubs - he picked out bib in the middle all on his own: "Here comes trouble"

Little cute and tiny
Our creative friends made balloon babies.
Yellow and Grey Baby Theme
Cigars to celebrate for the men - the big one was for Daddy Waynick
Beans, Coleslaw, Slow Roasted Pulled Pork layered in Mason Jars - Ummm Amazing - invented by Doran

Doran putting together his masterpiece of pork and Jeff making a dangerously good drink of lemonade vodka and tea
Who doesn't love opening presents?! 

Polish Vodka for the Pops
 Since we went with a co-ed get together - we kept the activities to a minimum but had to have a few.

Baby Shower Activity: I created note cards and envelopes labeled 1-18. We had everyone pick a year and write a birthday message to future Baby Waynick and then seal the card. Each birthday, they can open the card for that year till their kid turns 18. Gotta give it to our friends for being creative and having fun with it! Jay & Kim may want to screen some of them before sharing with Baby Waynick.

Baby Shower Game: Name that poop. I melted candy bars in diapers and they had to guess what filled each diaper. Sniffing, licking and touching are encouraged. Some of them just looked wrong. 

Tasty too!
  Cheers to everyone who came out to celebrate - it was a perfect day and awesome to all be together!


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