Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Berlin Wall Circa 2014

One thing I cannot stop thinking about is how recent history has touched this part of the world. How different it was just a few years ago for so many people. I was just about 6 when "the wall" came down. I was a child without a worry in the world but for so many kids my same age, they grew up in a different era. An era that has been divided, broken down and built back up. As I walked the wall - I can only imagine the stories it holds and lives it has impacted.

The thickness of the wall - cut
The other side

Travelers Tips: You can find lots of smaller pieces of the Berlin Wall throughout the city (and around the world for that matter) but it is worth venturing to the East Side Gallery and seeing the actual wall - to touch it with your own hands. The East Side Gallery is a little ways out but something I'd recommend seeing, especially if you are all the way in Berlin anyway. It's a piece of history. Since I am not a historian but enjoy learning along the way - click to learn more about the East Side Gallery and the history of the Berlin Wall.

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