Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Winter in Wroclaw in June

From Prague to Wroclaw

We are excited to show Chris' parents where we have moved to. When Chris and I drove from Wroclaw to Prague, we loved the country side and everything we saw - so we are hoping the same beauty shines on the way to Wroclaw with his parents in the car. But as we are ending the roads in the Czech Republic, we run into a closed road on a round about and it takes us through this tiny, tiny village and because of the flooding - a few washed out roads along small creeks. Don't get me wrong it was pretty but when in the car with others, it's better to stay on the main roads. We question the GPS a few times but finally, we follow some large trucks up a road that to us looks like a one way road - figuring if a car is coming the other way, they will have to move for the truck. Luck would have it - it worked out in our favor. On the road again to Wroclaw. But I think after that - we all just needed a drink.

And then we pull into to Wroclaw - but we only know one route (the bus route) back to the city center and it isn't the prettiest way to be introduced to the city - so I think his mom had her second "oh shit" moment of the drive. Until we pull into the city center.

Cute summer festival going on during June in Rynek

Festival in Rynek

Chris and I think Kurna Chata is the best place to bring guests for good traditional Polish cuisine when they first visit - it's a good trusty spot.

Chicken wings

Broccoli with cheese and tomato

Polish Pork Chop with olives and cheese - and don't forget the side of cabbage

Flaming Goulash

Flaming Goulash

Flaming Goulash
This side of the world is still experiencing a lot of rain and fairly cool temperatures for summer but on their first full day here, we take them to Cathedral Island (Ostrow Tumski). We think Cathedral Island is the prettiest part of Wroclaw. There is the main church there, Wroclaw Cathedral but there are lots of things to see - great for a stroll. Try going at sunset and seeing the Lamplighter who still lights the street lamps by hand each night.

Locks of Love

Tumski Bridge to Cathedral Island

Cathedral Island

Cathedral Island from across the Oder River

Pretty garden overlooking the city - along the Oder

Gate to river
Lunch we head to Rynek for Zurek soup. We think Piwnica Swidnicka has the best Zurek. It is at the bottom of City Hall (claims to be the oldest restaurant in Europe but we don't buy it) and is decorated cute. Service is a bit odd - doesn't seem like the get a full house but tourists coming in for Zurek. 

For dinner, we go to Brasserie 27. They have the best soups and salads. Our favorite is the warm goat cheese salad. Delicious. Their lentil soup, pea soup and asparagus soup are also spot on. The only complaint is they aren't the best at making drinks. Still confused on how martini's aren't a staple here. Recommend sticking with beer or wine.

Being in the center of WWII history - everything around us has a story.  The Jewish Quarter in Wroclaw is no exception. We visit the White Stork Synagogue, Wroclaw's only Synagogue to survive the war. On the balconies, they have a collection of stories, poems and pictures. This is a must when visiting Wroclaw.

Another great site is the University. They have the prettiest church in Wroclaw, hands down. The church is free but if you want to explore the University Musuem, head next door and tour the math tower it costs only a few PLN. The Meridian Line runs through the building and you can also get a nice view of the city and Oder River.

We cap off the vacation at OK Wine Bar. This is our first time here as well and it is amazing. We love the salad, they have a nice wine selection and everything else we ate was delicious.

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