Monday, March 4, 2013

Wroclaw - Life As We Know It

During the month of March, Chris and I adjust to life in Wroclaw. From doing our first load of laundry and finding out it's not a washer/dryer in one but just a washer - to setting up internet in the apartment and having to have a Polish guy tell us, we were plugging in a capital "I" and not a lower case "l" as our network code. We laugh because Chris is pretty IT savoy. Interesting fact is the router and modem are in one over here.

We enjoy the city very much, taking long walks, meeting new friends and trying out the different restaurants. There are so many to choose from it is slightly crazy but we enjoy it because they are a very social culture and enjoy being out for late nights with friends over food, music and drinks. And by drinks, I mean vodka and beer.You can pretty much find any drink you want (which is good because we don't like beer all that much) - but I find it interesting in a country known for vodka, most places don't have martini's on the menu or bloody mary's. They are missing out!

During this month - we also are figuring out the joys of applying for residency in a new country. They love their stamps here, kind of funny that something is official until is has at least 10 stamps on it. Fortunately, we have a nice, patient lady helping us with the process and translations because everything has to filled out in Polish.
Town Hall in Rynek

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