Thursday, September 18, 2014

Si, Si, Si to Seville, Spain

So it's been way too long since we've last posted. Picking up with Seville! This was the second stop on our 2 week adventure in Spain, Morocco and Portugal. We've been to Seville a number of times and we love it! Lots of tapas bars, avenues to stroll, buildings to admire - oh and one huge church where Christopher Columbus is resting! You will easily get swept away in the charm of Seville. Eating and drinking your way through a delightful Spanish city. We were there for Easter which you will also see from the Malaga post, if you can visit Spain during the Easter holiday - you will be in for a treat.

Perfect View from our Hotel of Santa Semana Parades: 

Seville Cathedral: Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See (3rd largest Cathedral in World!)

Look Mom, we went to mass!
Christopher Columbus
 Walking Around the City: 
 Plaza de Espana - A Beautiful Park!

Travelers Tips: 
- Seville can get VERY hot. Best to plan around visiting in summer so you can enjoy the city and nice weather.
- Tourist are flocking here. As with any great secret, once it's out - it can get spoiled. Do your research before going and see about times of year that are less visited by tourists. Always more fun to be in the mix with locals than herds of fanny packs and cameras.  

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