Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hey America, Come Visit Poland

25 Reasons to Come Visit Poland

25) Because most of your friends and family probably haven't - always fun to go places many have not
24) The USD goes a long way here, not only is worth more but things here are cheaper (Wroclaw is home to the world's cheapest IKEA, not that you should be shopping at IKEA on vacation)
23) The people are friendly and social
22) In 10 years, the word will get out about Poland and it will be too late. You will be like everyone else thinking they've discovered a new frontier but in reality - it's been a cool place to visit for awhile
21) The days in the summer are super long
20) It is the center of Europe. Literally. It borders: Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, "Little"  Russia, Slovakia and Belarus and you can get to most countries fairly easily
19) It has mountains
18) It has cities
17) It has beaches
16) It has country
15) It is a big part of history and a great way to learn about WWII and world history
14) Beer (Ladies: They actually drink beer from a straw and add flavors like raspberry to their beer)
13) Vodka - straight up - but they do serve a mean vodka and apple juice (which is super tasty)
12) You probably have family from here (or near here)
11) Pierogi Parties
10) It is the home of Kielbasa
9) You can try learning key phrases in a new language
8) They love festivals all times of year
7) Ice cream. If you have an affinity for ice cream, you can get away with eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it isn't just a summer treat - they eat it in the middle of winter, outside when it's like 0 degrees. Can you hang?
6) It is home to some pretty famous people: Pope John Paul II (now a saint), Chopin, Copernicus (he figured out the earth revolves around the sun)
5) Cabbage is served with every meal and is considered a superfood - so it's good for you to visit here
4) Vodka - it is one word you already know in Polish
3) It's fun to yes, Tak, Tak, Tak (it's not sufficient to say it just once)
2)Who really needs a reason to go on vacation?
1) "YOLO" You Only Live Once - so why not

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