Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

A lot of people find traveling as an excuse to eat things they normally wouldn't but it is the best time to fill up on healthy foods to keep yourself energized and feeling good during your vacation. Don't get me wrong, it is great to indulge in a local specialty or a few glasses of wine - but don't over do it. Here are some of our favorite tips to eating well while on vacation.

Do This:
  • Research what is local and fresh at the time of year you are visiting. Helps you know what you should be looking for on menus. It is also a fun way to get excited about the different cuisines you will be tasting on your vacay.
  • Pull together a list of restaurants that interest you and check out their menus ahead of time, great for making up your mind before you walk in. Think about breakfast, lunch and dinner - with a handy list of your top restaurant picks, makes those "I don't know what I want" moments a little less painful.
  • See something on a menu that probably isn't the best for you but looks tempting? Predetermine a splurge meal on your restaurant list. Don't over do it because you'll hate yourself later but it's okay to indulge in one bad meal - but try to make sure it is a local dish - rather than just a bad meal for you.
  • Stay hydrated on water. In most countries, you have to pay to drink water while eating out so it can easily be overlooked when your water glass isn't being constantly filled. Don't be stingy on this one. 
  • Enjoy your favorite drink of choice, you are on vacation after all. Another glass of vino for me please.
  • Pack healthy snacks in your bags, this is great for flights, car trips, days at the beach: dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruits, granola, gum. It keeps you reaching for the good stuff rather than the chips and candy bars at the magazine shop check out.
  • Find yourself feeling hungrier on vacay than normal? Possibly because you are doing more than your average work day so listen to your body and fill up on the good stuff by being ready with healthy snack options. Also, a good trick, drink water. Often times when we think we are hungry, we actually are just thirsty. 
  • Hit the food store for food and snacks BEFORE you are hungry to stock up. Pretty sure all know this by now. Don't be dumb on vacation.Traveler Tip: Check out to see if there are local markets where you are visiting.
  • Try making a meal in rather than eating every meal out. Not only is it cheaper but can be a great way to spare your waist line.
  • Take your vitamins. We only get so many days off a year (especially in the USA) don't risk ruining your vacay by getting sick. You probably should be taking a daily vitamin anyway so if not, let your vacation kick start a new healthy habit.
  • Find ways to stay active during your trip that are fun: swimming in the ocean, do laps in the pool, play tennis, go for a walk, stand up paddle board...the possibilities are endless.
Not That:
  • Don't let your vacation be an excuse to get eat whatever now and work it off later. That is just a lame excuse. Don't be lame.
  • You shouldn't eat fast food anyways, and vacation is no exception. Your insides will hate you.
  • Watch out for over indulging. It is good to enjoy in the local cuisine but love handles are one souvenir you don't want to take back home.
  • Drink too much? Well - it happens to the best of us. If you end up realizing you've had one (or a few) too many, try my handy trick before bed: eat 1 banana, take 2 advil, chug a glass of water. You will thank yourself the next day. 
  • Skipping your fruits and veggies? You need all the nutrients you can get to make sure you are getting the most out of your time off. 
  • Think an energy drink is the answer for your lack of energy? Think again. Sugary drinks will make you crash hard, give you a headache and ruin a perfectly good day. Opt for other ways to boost your energy with fresh fruit, water, even a cup of coffee is a better option. 
  • Don't think too much. You are on vacation - so pre-plan enough to make your trip's meals and activities mindless, healthy and memorable.
Let us know what your favorite healthy eating travel trips are or how you like to stay active on vacay.

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  1. I am not sure how we didn't add this to Stay Active but our #1 travel advice no matter where you visit is get out and walk! Walking it not only the best way to see the city but also a great way to not feel bad about the extra glasses of wine or gelato you want to order.

    Hit the pavement over taking the bus tour or taxi. Not only will you have a better understanding of the place you are visiting but you will also feel great knowing you've done something good for yourself and your family (healthy living is key to a good family life).