Sunday, August 11, 2013

Are we the only one's who loved Naples?

Want to get an opinion out of people, tell them you are vacationing in Naples.

When Chris and I travel, we love nothing more than making our own opinions about places. I am pretty sure we are the type of travelers that no experience is a bad experience - and categorize our trips based off of: must go back, possibly go back, probably not go back but cool that we saw it.

So when we were looking for places to spend our honeymoon, we put together a laundry list of places and narrowed it down based off: romance level, travel time, seasonal weather and cost. The perfect equation pointed to the Amalfi Coast in Italia. And to save on costs, for us, it was cheaper to fly into Naples and we so couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend some time in Naples.

Pretty sure most people we spoke with have an opinion about Naples:

"Only place I've ever been mugged."

"It's just a dirty, dangerous city."

"We have no interest in going there - ever."

Well, our opinion - it was delightful, exciting and I think we would put it in the bucket of would possibly go back if the opportunity presented itself. We spent a lot of time walking around the residential areas. We saw some extreme wealth and some extreme poverty - all beautiful in their own ways. The old historic area is up there with any historic area and the views of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius are stunning.

And for those who don't know already - Naples is home to the Margarita pizza. Margarita pizza was designed to present Queen Margarita with a pizza that represented the Italian flag: Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil. History was made - and today you can find one of the best, traditional Margarita Pizza at Brandi's in Naples. In Italy, it is not uncommon for people to order their own pizzas and they don't come pre-sliced. You eat with a knife and fork. Our suggestion, must try the Margarita and then try one of their other speciality pizzas. You won't be disappointed.

Another place to be sure to visit for a coffee and/or sweet treat is Gran Caffe Gambrinus. It is a delightful cafe right in the historic district.

There are plenty of activities one can see and do in Naples as well: Mount Vesuvius, Castle Nuovo, Pompeii and more. For us, we spent most of our time walking the streets and seeing the sites on foot before we took the ferry to Procida. Post on Procida to come.

All in all - Naples is a good place for you to make your own opinion. For us, it made a great impression on us for all the right reasons.

Travelers Notes: When visiting Naples, see where else you can go during your visit. We took the ferry to Procida and then the train to Sorrento (followed by a bus ride to Positano). It is easy to get around - just do a little research on best ways to get from one destination to the next.

When ordering in Italy - always good idea to go with local, from wine to entrees - you can learn a lot about an area by the food they are serving. Not all Italian is the same.

Trip Adviser Review of Brandi's

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