Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The City That "Gnomes" You

Walking around Wroclaw - you might not notice these little guys but you won't want to miss them if you visit the city. The history is pretty interesting. Back in the 80's under communist rule, the government attempted to censor public places. The "Orange Alternative" movement started painting gnomes around the city - which the government would quickly cover up, only to be repainted by the "Orange Alternative." 

In 2001, the first gnome statue was placed on the corner of Świdnicka where many of the "Orange Alternative" demonstrations took place. Since then, these little guys keep popping up. It seems some people like them, some people love them and some people think they are stupid. What's your opinion? (I personally think they are cute and enjoy finding new ones all the time.)

The Original Gnome of Wroclaw - He's a lot bigger than the rest
Two Gnomes - A little push and a little pull - Team Work
What's on TV?

A visit to the bank
Smile - Here's a sunflower for you
Serving up ice cream and sweet treats
Painting and smoking - doesn't look like a good day for him
Ever wonder how 24 hour teller machines work? Gnomes - there must be gnomes in there.
Sitting on top of the world (with an HP laptop)
Hug anyone?
Trash Collection
Sleep Tight Little Guy
Working on a hot sunny day
Hey how did you get up there?
Swinging in Plac Solny
What's that you have for me?
The ole ball and chain - at the old prison
Whatcha reading?
Always good to carry an umbrella - never know when the rains coming (just watch out for the girls with umbrellas in Rynek)
Oh hey - Just riding through
Another Bottle of Wine at OK Wine Bar - no problem

Travelers Note: Learn more about the history of the Gnomes here

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