Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Greetings from Prague

Prague has proven to be a great weekend getaway for Chris and I. We love it. It's a short drive from Wroclaw - and because we've been there and seen that - we can fall into a relaxed weekend mode of walking, eating, drinking, taking photos, and just being in the moment.

Our theme for this weekend was - parks. Prague has some beautiful parks and places to sit and people watch while enjoying some wine and good conversation. Being fall time - it was amazing with all the oranges, reds, yellows - reflecting in the sun. We found ourselves wondering the city and enjoying every minute of it.

Some takeaways from the weekend: 4 more bottles of Srircha, authentic Mexican food & new friends. 

For Americans, we take our Mexican/Latin American food for granted. In the States, Mexican  ingredients are readily available - in Europe, not so much. And even if they have access to the ingredients, they don't understand how the flavors are supposed to work together. We found reviews on Las Adelitas Restaurante and gave it a shot. Glad we did. It was amazing. Not only will we go to Prague for Sriracha now, we will also go for Mexican. It was a fiesta for our mouths. Photos below to share our love of all things Mexican. Now to find only find plantains or yuca here...


Travelers Tips: Prague is a great city with lots to offer. While you will likely want to see the main sights - take some back ways to get there. You will likely find beautiful streets, quite areas along the river, and  hidden gems that aren't on the tourist map. Also, Prague food - like much of the area can be really heavy - there are lots of lighter fare options if you keep your eyes peeled - no need to go back home with some extra Prague ham stuck to your butt.

Our Two Cents: 

Prague: Monarch Wine Bar: $2.80 for a Glass of Wine - Yes, Please!
Prague: Hotel Rubicon: It is nothing more than a hotel room
Prague: U Fleku Restaurant and Brewery: Go for a good time - best with a group of people who like to drink 
Prague: Las Adelitas Restaurante & Tequila Bar: Finally find Authentic Mexican in Eastern Europe!

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