Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Meet Pinkie

This past weekend, Chris and I went on a car trip: 4 countries, 3 days, 2 travelers = 1 great weekend in a very PINK car.

When we picked it up - it made us laugh so hard. Not only was it super pink, but it is fairly small (not that we need much space) and has very little pick up - and since I can't drive stick, Chris rocked the driver seat. Pinkie took us through the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. More on the trip to come but had to share Pinkie.

Thanks Budget for renting us the pinkest car ever.

Travelers Tip: A lot of people will scare you about renting cars and driving in other countries. For longer distances - we tend to go with companies like Budget - for smaller trips, doesn't really matter. Just make sure to ask for a GPS that speaks English and if traveling outside the country - make sure it has maps for those countries. Some GPS' are only in country - we've learned the hard way  :) And most rental cars in Europe are stick shift - you can find automatics - you just might pay more and there are not as many of them so look to book earlier if possible.  We have never needed an international driver license in any country in Europe.

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