Monday, November 4, 2013

Zakopane, Poland - Tatra Mountains for some R&R

90 minutes from Krakow sits a beautiful little Polish ski town in the Tatra Mountains - Zakopane.

It is beautiful. I am not sure what I was expecting but we were beyond pleased with the town and our whole experience there. We went there to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary and it proved to be a romantic, cozy getaway.
The drive from Wroclaw was easy - highway and well paved roads the whole way there. We hit it in the peak of fall so the leaves were a burnt orange, red, yellow, brown - one of my favorite times of year.

Once we were shortly pasted Krakow, we were saying - "Man, I feel like we should see the mountains by now." We were passing tree covered mountains but not what we were thinking of when people describe the Tatras. Then Chris said - "oh there they are" - I say "huh, not seeing it" - Chris says "look up." Up in the clouds you see the Tatras peaking up over the tree covered mountains. Just stunning.

We arrive the the town of Zakopane and tour the little town. It is just delightful. They have a main street which is lined with shops, bars, restaurants - great for a little stroll. We end up at the end of the street where you can find a tram that takes you to view of the Mountains. We couldn't have timed it any better at sunset.

18 zl to the top - or you can do what we did in the following day and hike it - both were worth it
Cute style homes and buildings
The main street in town with shops and restaurants
Local cheeses and honey

We went in fall but it seems like the city has something for all seasons.

Travelers Tips: If visiting Krakow, it's just 90 minutes away. Even if it's a day trip - it's super easy to get to - straight shot and something not many American tourists will likely get to when visiting Poland.

Our Two Cents:
Zakopane: Belvedere Hotel: Lovely Weekend Getaway  
Zakopane: Krupowki Street: Lovely little stroll
Zakopane: Gubalowka: Something Cute to Do 

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